Snowlion imports is the first Tibetan and Himalayan regional store in Pittsburgh’s historic Oakland neighborhood. Snowlion Imports Inc. was established in 2001 specializing in Tibetan arts, artifacts, handicrafts and religious items acquired from the countries of the Himalayas. We offer a unique, exotic and beautiful jewelry, clothes, handicrafts and accessories from Nepal, Tibet and India. We also carry a large selection of books and ritual items for the Buddhist practioner.

Our Products Include:

  • Beautiful handicrafted silver jewelry with semi-precious stones from Nepal. Our unique selection has many unusual, one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Large selection of dresses, shirts, scarves and accessories to fit any budget. We choose only from "Fair Trade" companies that treat their workers with dignity.
  • Exquisite thangkas (Buddhist regilious icons), statues, malas and other Tibetan Buddhist religious items.
  • Array of incense of many types, including Tibetan, Indian and Japanese.


All this packed into our little store that makes every visit seem like a treasure hun! wiith our constantly changing selection, you'll want to come back often to see what's new or just to visit with Nima, the owner of Snowlion Imports.


Sherpa Gear House

While at Snowlion , be sure to check our sister store next door: SHERPA GEAR HOUSE, exclusive sellers of Sherpa Adventure Gear clothing.

These clothes, made in NEPAL, are perfect for hiking, biking or hanging out. They feature wicking fabrics that keep you cool and dry, as well as organic cotton and hand-knit wool.

Sherpa Adventure Gear is a socially and environmentally conscious company that you can feel good about when you purchase their product. The company donates $.50 of every item sold to local charities and organizations in the Himalayan region.


The Sherpa Gear House carries everything from jackets, hats, shirts, pants, skirts to blouses. The designs are unique and feature many thoughtful touches that you'll love.


STOP BY and check out our large selection of quality clothing




203 S. Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213